What is "Relax; IGY6"


Life as a military caregiver can be a roller coaster! However, two things are true: 1. You are in control (even when you feel like you aren't)  2. You are NOT alone (even when you feel like you are).

Relax; we have your back!

We Are In This Together

I thought deployments were the hard part. Family and friends were (usually) supportive but tended to shy away from spooning or rubbing my feet.  When my husband came home and he was different; life was different.  No one understands these changes like other military caregivers.  We must help each other.  

Relax; you are not alone!

We Must Ask for Help

Amazing resources are out there!  We just need to ask for help.  Sometimes saying, "I have no idea what I am doing" is the most effective way to get help.  And, it does get easier. There are events available with great information, stories and empathy. Happiness is a choice and knowledge is power!

Relax; help is available!